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Lofihile - David's Memory


Lofihile - David's Memory

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  1. Not in medias resDownload
  2. PhocidaeDownload
  3. PapaveroDownload
  4. CorpulentDownload
  5. MicrosleepDownload
  6. MorgonrockDownload
  7. KoroDownload
  8. MelekoneDownload
  9. The blue filmDownload
  10. VeisalgiaDownload
  11. Strangelet lunchDownload
  12. No more paralianDownload
  13. Wild eastDownload
  14. Jonathan knowsDownload
  15. Serious animalsDownload
  16. Note to selfDownload
  17. David's memoryDownload
  18. OngedwongenDownload
  19. Phase 3Download


We're proud to present Lofihile's new release David's Memory (CAT-004) in all its 19 track glory. It has been quite some time since Lofihile's previous release Sumo EP, but this proves he has not been sitting on his hands. If you like downtempo with a slight IDM edge, this release is just for you!
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