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Lofihile - Analog Angels, Digital Demons


Lofihile - Analog Angels, Digital Demons

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  1. NitroDownload
  2. BorexDownload
  3. ItisjnsDownload
  4. Quite shortDownload
  5. AuchDownload
  6. Dot neonDownload
  7. Morning adjustmentDownload
  8. Quite short 2Download
  9. Always make noise when someone is sleepingDownload
  10. IntellifenceDownload
  11. Night adjustmentDownload
  12. Post synthetic depressionDownload
  13. Insomnia ear pitchDownload
  14. DoramumashiDownload
  15. LasvineDownload
  16. He deniesDownload
  17. Where is the remoteDownload


Analog Angels, Digital Demons was intended to be just a guest release for Lo-Kiwi, but no one knew Lofihile would become a full member and be one of the busiest producers on the netlabel. Wonderful harmonies, catchy melodies, frenetic IDM beats, top notch production skills, they're all here and that's why we love this release.
Ambient Chill out Downtempo Electronic Experimental Download zip