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2 Bone Giants - The Lost Art... Revamped


2 Bone Giants - The Lost Art... Revamped

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  1. IntroDownload
  2. Old'scoolDownload
  3. Killer's lullabyDownload
  4. Underneath the pavementDownload
  5. Andromeda strainDownload
  6. Gear downDownload
  7. The sight of things to comeDownload
  8. OutroDownload
  9. The straight tokeDownload
  10. Last wish (feat. Bradata)Download
  11. HaikuDownload
  12. Twice-bornDownload
  13. Everything's for realDownload


2 Bone Giants' first release is now available here! The Lost Art... Revamped (CAT-002) is, as the title suggests, a revamped version of their previous release - with added bonus tracks. Fans of dark, head-bobbing downtempo / experimental hip-hop / trip-hop will find themselves more than satisfied by the high quality production and rolling rhythms. Do yourself a favor, and click the download link!
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