About a month ago I found out that one of my favourite artists, Daniel Myer aka Architect of Haujobb, has released a new solo album Mine. Not wasting too much time, I listened to a couple of tracks and bought it.

If you like downtempo, dubstep, IDM - or stuff like Recoil, Delerium, Massive Attack give it a listen!

architect is a unique hybrid of idm, electronica and smooth ambient soundscapes inexhaustibly explored by german mastermind daniel myer. in a career spanning over fifteen years daniel has been connected to but never belonged to a host of scenes and styles. architect was created in 1998 and has since proven his mettle on a multitude of releases and on countless acclaimed concerts world-wide. in 2010 alan wilder (recoil) discovered architect's brilliance, which led to daniel performing as a support act for recoil on several acclaimed shows in europe and the united states. architects most pronounced quality is the accomplished combination of powerful grooves and atmospheric soundscapes resulting in music that is suitable for both listening and dancing.

Architect - Mine on bandcamp