Welcome to Catnap!




Like all fun and pleasurable things, it started with a laugh – or better, a cough and then laugh. Anyone can make a mistake between Moosefrog and a bullfrog, right?

Between 1998 and 2002, I played in several hard rock and pop bands, while my interest in electronic music continued to grow. Finally culminating in the release of the first Moosefrog demo EP. I cannot remember that I had any other name in mind, but Moosefrog just felt like the one to use. The demo was stylistically rather different from the sound we would finally embrace, but all the pieces were there.

Sometime in 2003, Moosefrog got an invaluable addition, which would shape its future sound and feel. An old band mate Sami came over, and while I was working on a new track, he simply sat down and we recorded a couple of chords on a guitar. Not too long after that, between 2003 and 2004, we worked on a number of songs, five of which were finally released as Chill Out Bitch on Wipe Records netlabel.

2005, in a storm of creative synergy, Moosefrog finally came to age with the jazzy and more organic sounding Come EP. It was one of the first releases on a now defunct Lo-Kiwi netlabel and received rave reviews along with a wide exposure on the blogosphere.

In the late summer of 2005, we started working on our next release. A process which would take longer than with the previous releases, much because of the changes in our private lives and our growing ambition. Adrift EP was finally released in 2007 with two tracks featuring our first ever guest vocalist Anji Bee.

After Adrift, we decided to take a break with Moosefrog and concentrate on other projects. In early 2009, I moved to London and started working on the new Moosefrog release. As an ultimate slap in the face, my HD died in 2010 and all the hard work just disappeared into thin air. It wasn’t until 2012, when we seriously started to collect up the scraps and work on the new release again.

2013, Else EP was finally finished. Moosefrog has risen again, a bit different, but still the same… not unlike Doctor Who.