Welcome to Catnap!

What is this nonsense?

We are not going to catnap your kitten, that is not what we do (well, most of us anyway).

Catnap Netlabel specialises on downtempo, electro, house and experimental stuff. Genres are not set in stone though. If it is good, it is Catnap material.

Catnap is a netlabel, which means that you can download all our releases for free! Exceptions might follow, but at the moment there are no plans to act otherwise. Usually, our releases are available for download as zip compressed archives, print quality sleeves included (when possible).

The need for Catnap netlabel rose in the summer of 2008, when Lo-Kiwi.org began to show signs of terminal neglect. We started to toy around with an idea of founding our very own netlabel, based on our own philosophy and needs. Music is fun, so let's have fun!

Join us?

We're always on the look for new potential artists / projects. Send us an e-mail with information about yourself, your gear and links to the sweet stuff you want us to hear.

As mentioned above, we do not specialise on any certain genre. So be brave and surprise us with your music!

NOTE: if you send us MP3 files via e-mail we're going to be upset

The easiest way to reach us is email, just drop a few lines to info@catnappers.net


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Latest fat chewage

  • In the year 2014
  • So, just a short update this time. For the past few months I've been updating the website, honing down the rough edges and finally I feel that the whole website is ready for action.